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MCSQ Consulting will guide your company to operate differently in a fast-paced virtual world and generate new business strategies to accelerate overall growth and build future opportunities


Sales & Marketing

Business Development &
Strategic Partnerships

Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion Initiatives

Virtual, Hybrid & In-Person
Conference Management



“BEST HIRE YET! I’ve hired many people and without a doubt, Ana has been one of the best hires I’ve ever made. Ana is a skilled sales professional and an excellent communicator. She has both the ability to develop a strategy that works for our team and then execute that strategy though her significant relationships across industries. THANK YOU!”

Sales & Marketing Strategies

We focus on driving revenue growth by enhancing account
strategies, business development and overall sales management.

Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics.

Revenue Growth Strategies
Manage and coordinate the formation of revenue growth targets and metrics.

Analyze Accounts
Review current accounts and evaluate future business opportunities.


Sales Plans
Establish sales objectives through targeted sales objectives and quotas.


Sales Goals
Assist Sales teams with goals aligned to long term corporate objectives.  

Territorial Evaluations
Evaluate territory markets and deployment.


Lead Generation
Increase lead volume generation.  

Task Force Assistance
Provide temporary Sales Executive and Sales Team support.



"Ana Battung, MCSQ Consulting, has been a great partner and resource for me over the past two years. She has provided Event Sales and Event Planning taskforce for a number of Hyatt’s full-service hotels. Ana is collaborative in her approach, works to understand the needs of each individual hotel and remains involved throughout the duration of the taskforce assignment to ensure success. Her vast experience in hotel operations means she understands the diverse needs of her customers. As the staffing landscape has been fluid over the past year, our need for Task Force assistance has materialized quickly and is often overwhelming to manage. Ana’s responsiveness and partnership have helped in solving an immediate need in the hotels, while allowing me to focus on other priorities.

Beyond providing Task Force, Ana is also eager to go above and beyond in her role. She proactively touches base with me to let me know the status of Task Force assistance. She is accessible, quick to respond and always professional.

I would not only recommend Ana and MCSQ, I would seek her out to work with again."
“Ana was an absolute pleasure to work with! As a startup, our needs are ever-changing, and the ability to react quickly is so important. Ana is responsive, efficient, and completely transparent, which is what we look for in a consultant. I would highly recommend Ana to anyone who is looking to start a new business, grow their existing business, or is looking for a strong consultant to improve their current workflow.”

Cultivating Business Development
& Strategic Partnerships

MCSQ creates effective channel strategies, relationships, industry insight, and
revenue targets, to drive growth opportunities and increase value from prospective and current partners.

Value Proposition
Establish a value proposition to
identify, target, and generate new
strategic alliances.

Creative Marketing Ideas
Brainstorm and ideate creative
marketing ideas to increase product
and brand awareness.

Marketing Campaigns
Generate marketing campaigns to
effectively reach target audiences.

Strategic Relationships
Develop, maintain, and negotiate partner channel relationships and mutually beneficial industry partnerships.

Sales Cycle
Work with management to
effectively lead the sales cycle to
develop future customer

Market Analysis
Perform a market analysis to
determine future customer,
competitor, platforms, programs,
products, and opportunities to

Business Diversification
Diversify business plans and growth
targets with a focus on strategic
markets and long term

Building Customer Base
Develop and implement strategies for building our customer base, including defining and prioritizing target accounts and building our profile in the market via direct sales, conferences and partnership opportunities.

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“Ana was able to elevate and grow our company's exposure with her experience in sales, marketing and strategic partnership development. Through her expertise, we have secured a partnership of over 4,500 prospective clients that now have the potential to utilize our company's products.”

Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion Initiatives

We want to provide governance and oversight on diversity, equity, inclusion
initiatives to establish a company culture focused on purpose, accountability and belonging.

Best Practices
Develop and implement an
integrated diversity and inclusion
best practice solution that drives
inclusive behaviors and business
practices at all levels.

Diversity Training
Partner with internal and external
resources to identify and drive
diversity related training, marketing
and learning tools.

Organizational Support
Serve as a thought partner to
support employee network groups,
diversity councils and senior
leadership teams across the

Cultural & Social Solutions
Assess the cultural health and social
climate of the organization and
develop ongoing solutions that
promote awareness of key issues
and facilitate a culture of belonging.

Align Organizational Values
Coach, direct and connect
leaders and team members,
ensuring group initiatives align
with the organization’s purpose,
vision, and values.

Internal and External Communication
Generate strategic internal and
external communication about the
work being done across the
organization, gains made,
challenges identified, and accurately
reporting and tracking metrics to all
necessary parties.

Agenda Organization
Diversify business plans and growth
targets with a focus on strategic
markets and long term

Diversifying Business Practices
Review and diversify current practices
including, but not limited to, talent
acquisition, succession planning, corporate
partnerships, external customers, suppliers,
vendors and competitors.


“LamontCo LLC contracted with Ana Battung to be the keynote speaker at the LamontCo Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Ana provided insightful information while sharing real-life diversity, equity and inclusion examples and exercises engaging the audience in a more immersive learning experience. Many attendees shared that the presentation which Ana delivered was far more impactful than any other similarly focused education they have received in the past, primarily because she was able to not only discuss views from a different lens, she made the topic real to absolutely everyone in the room. LamontCo, LLC is engaging MCSQ Consulting to further the company's internal education on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and to broaden our external message to show support for our clients in this market. We recommend MCSQ Consulting to our clients, partners, and industry supporters whenever the topic and chance arises.”

Virtual, HyBrid & In-Person
Conference Management

MCSQ will design, plan, execute, produce, and manage virtual, hybrid and in-person
events, conferences and programs from inception to completion.


Provide strategy and support with live, pre-recorded or mixed (in style of show) production teams.

Speaker communication and facilitation of the event timeline, platform logistics and to ensure all equipment is tested and functioning properly.

Continued support for the facilitator and events team throughout the virtual program. Strategize on sponsorship opportunities in the digital space.


Source and manage venues and vendors.

Develop a creative concept with a client’s strategic goals in mind.

Coordinate timelines, schedules and logistics.

Manage all communication, contracting and related details with décor and design vendors.


Connect virtual and live attendees for breakouts and networking sessions.

Manage remote question and answer sessions for virtual and live panelists and attendees.

Engage all audiences in participation throughout the event.

Facilitate environments for attendees to safely meet and network.


“If you have events then you need to have Ana…period! She brings seasoned expertise along with a calm confidence that allows her to anticipate issues, solve problems, keep track of all the details, and make things happen seamlessly. Plus, she is an absolute pleasure to work with! It always feels like Ana is 10 steps ahead of us in the best possible way. Quite literally, Ana is the best at what she does which allows us to be the best at what we do…it’s a perfect partnership. If you are looking for some peace of mind and to eliminate the stress, chaos, and snafus that often happen when planning an event, then look no further than Ana Battung.”

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